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Some references

Company Location Process PDF
REMOND Longvic (21) Zero discharge process Download PDF(150.18 Ko)
SARREL Marolles les Brault (72) Physical-chemical and DI water recycling Download PDF(143.78 Ko)
SARRELIBER Portugal Physical-chemical and DI water recycling
ELECTROCHROME Mérignac (33) Physico-chemical with membrane filtration
MONNAIE DE PARIS Paris (75) Evapoconcentration
GALVANOPLAST Lure (70) Physico-chemical
MARQUET Cluses (74) Physico-chemical
CHATAL Redon (35) Physico-chemical
REM Dijon (21) Physico-chemical
GALVANOPLASTIE Bonchamp Les Laval (53) Physico-chemical