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Car industry - Aeronautic

Company Location Process PDF
AEROLEAN Prunay (51) Zero liquid discharge
AIA Bordeaux (33) Fenton COD chemical oxydation Download PDF
AIA Clermont Ferrand (63) Physico-chemical (Zero discharge process)
AIRBUS HELICOPTERS Dugny (93) Zero liquid discharge
AIRBUS St-Nazaire (44) Evapo-concentration Download PDF
DASSAULT Argonay (74) Maintenance of recycled water networks
FAMAT Saint-Nazaire Physico-chemical
HALGAND Saint Brévin (44) Zero liquid discharge
LISI AEROSPACE Villefranche de Rouergue (12) Physico-chemical treatment
LISI INDRAERO Le Pechereau (36) Physico-chemical treatment and recycling (demineralization)
RATIER FIGEAC Figeac (46) Physico-chemical Download PDF
SNECMA Morocco Physico-chemical
SNECMA Russie Physico-chemical
SNECMA Mexico Physico-chemical
SNECMA Gennevilliers (92) Revamping