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Nicou Environnement tubular electrodialysis cells for cataphoresis painting baths treatment

Founded in 1962, Nicou Environnement, a CMI Proserpol Department, manufactures and markets electrodialysis cells to stabilize cataphoresis painting baths.
Developed in 1993, the Nicou Environnement tubular electrodialysis cell has been chosen by several major automotive manufacturers.

High quality design
  • Electrolyte flow control
  • Anode made of 316L seamless stainless steel tube, Ø48.3 mm or Ø 60.3 mm
  • Outstanding protection device included
  • Membranes  welded by high performance ultrasonic system

Easy maintenance
  • Smart design
  • Basic spare parts, easy change
  • Lightweight

Adaptability to customer needs
  • Open cell for gravity flow
  • Closed cell for under pressure circulation flow
  • Cell size up to the customer need
  • Adjustable connections as required
  • Adaptable in place of other cell brands

A high lifetime
  • Many of our cells run for more than 10 years with their original membrane
A process of continuous improvement of our products