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NEYRTEC products

NEYRTEC® TASSTER® de NEYRTEC® is the efficient solution for paper mill sludge dewatering


The sludge is coveyed by an Archimede screw in a drainage grid. As and when it progresses, sludge drains and at the end of the screw she's pressed by a valve.The addition of polymer may be necessary to facilitate water drainage.


Tasster® screw press is suitable for blended sludge:primary, deinking, biological, bagasse, etc ...

  • Minimal space requirement
  • Very low rotation speed
  • Low maintenance cost
  • High capicity, up to 150 BDT/d (ton dry matter)


Rotary Screen Thickener (RST)

NEYRTEC® RST drum thickens sludge prior to the screw press.

It enables 20% dewatering and optimizes the use of the screw press.


RST drum is perfectly suited for pre-thickening prior to a screw press.
  • it is efficient for blended sludge:primary, deinking, biological, bagasse, etc ...
  • it is strong and easy to operate


NENUFAR® skimmer removes oil, hydrocarbons, foams, etc, from the surface of industrial and urban basins.


Mounted on floats, the NENUFAR® generates surface currents that draw in the surrounding polluting layer over a large area. The pollutant is separated from the water by a self-adjusting floating weir and in some cases a gravity separator.

The NENUFAR® skimmer is a self-contained high performance unit, operating continuously without supervision.